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Installation Guidelines BG-SL slot channel profile U, NW 100

General Guidelines

Our installation suggestions and examples are commonly accepted proposals. Any out of the ordinary styles of construction due to local circumstances, must be authorised by the planning body. The basic technical rules and guidelines generally accepted among experts should be taken into consideration during installation.


  1. The load class (according to EN 1433) in the various local laying situations must be taken into consideration.

  2. The BG-SL slot channels, have to be laid on a distance steel girder, and embedded in an earth-moist foundation. .It is most essential, that the proper tools be used when laying the drain elements (e.g. BG installation tools)

  3. A supporting wedge at the side is necessary, according to statically requirements (See the table for measurements).

  4. Start the laying of the Safety drain at the junction to the outlet.. 

  5. The butt joints (width of joint at least 10mm) between each individual drain component can be sealed with the most suitable insulation (see BG-Insulation Systems processing guidelines)

  6. By the insulation of bordering areas, great care must be taken to ensure that mechanical damage to the drain elements is out of the question.

  7. Between the BG channels and the connection to the roadway, it may be necessary (e.g. owing to horizontal forces in the vicinity of concrete areas) to insert a spacer with a maximum interval of 0,5 m. In the case of the spacer crossing the drain, it must be fixed so that the spacer arrives at the exact place where the drain terminates.

  8. The entire length of all adjacent concrete surfaces should be approximately 3-5 mm higher than the surface of the grates.

  9. The same installation guidelines also apply to gullies.


Load classA 15 kNB 125 kNC 250 kND 400 kNE 600 kN
Concrete quality - base
according to Ö-Norm B 4710-1 *
C 16/20C 20/25C 20/25C 25/30C 25/30
Foundation width: X≥ 8 cm≥ 10 cm≥ 15 cm≥ 15 cm≥ 15 cm
Foundation level: Ymin. channel hight - 15 cm
Foundation strength: Z≥ 8 cm≥ 10 cm≥ 15 cm≥ 20 cm≥ 20 cm
Splice barunnecessary
* Required minimum quality strength concrete, which has to be adapted to the local requirements.