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Lefix Shoulder slabs

Dimensions and colour solutions

Due to increasing heavy traffic on highways, narrow streets, roundabouts and intersections, there is a higher risk to drive on the shoulder of the road,  especially in inside radiuses. This means increasing maintenance costs and diminished safety. The LEFIX prefabricated concrete slab reinforces the extremities of heavily exposed and trafficked road sections. The versatility of the system allows installation within various designs: increasing road safety and reducing maintenance cost. The design of the LEFIX concrete slab includes an additional safety feature: a ribbed surface. The surface creates a vibration for the driver of the vehicle in the case of sleepiness or distraction, alerting him to the fact that he has gone off the road.

The shoulder slab LEFIX is available in following variations:
 • with or without opening for reflector post base 
 • RED colour
 • with reflective stripes
 • 500 mm deep and 450 mm long
 • 350 mm deep and 1 meter long


Shoulder slabs

ref. no.
LEFIX side-strip slab 1000/500 mm100050014014957004
LEFIX side-strip slab 1000/500 mm with opening for reflector post100050014014557000
LEFIX side-strip slab 450/500 mm4505001406557006
LEFIX side-strip slab 250/500 mm2505001403657008
LEFIX side-strip slab 1000/500 mm - red100050014014957020
LEFIX side-strip slab 450/500 mm - red4505001406557021
LEFIX side-strip slab 250/500 mm - red2505001403657018
LEFIX side-strip slab 1000/350 mm100035014010757001
LEFIX side-strip slab 1000/350 mm - red100035014010757019