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Cleaning & maintenance guidelines FILCOTEN® green

The filter capacity and the retention of material can only be ensured in the long-term if the system is maintained according to the following guidelines.

The drainage system must undergo a visual inspection after every period of heavy rainfall, or at least every six months. If the prefiltermat is heavily contaminated, to the point where there is overflow in the channels, we recommend that you replace it or, if necessary, clean as follows:

  • Close off the work area in accordance with applicable safety regulations.

  • Remove the covering from the channels and place to the side.

  • Start to remove the prefilters from one side and collect the dirt in a suitable container (shake out, beat, rinse off by placing it in the water against the flow direction, …) – afterwards these residues must be disposed of professionally and in line with regulations.

  • If the prefilters are extremely silted, we recommend replacing them – request replacements from BG-Graspointner.

  • The thickness of the filter material can be checked with the flattening device.

  • If the filter thickness is less than 30 cm, it has to be filled up with new filter material up to the correct thickness.

  • The cleaned prefilter must be placed on the filter material with the “U”-side facing down and pulled up on the sides.

  • With the re-assembly of the cover, care must be taken to ensure that covers and frames are free from contamination so that the converse rest entirely on the frames.

  • Lay and screw-in the covers in accordance with point 3 of these guidelines

Legal provisions arising from the water authority
approval must be observed by the operator.


Water sample & filter material test

A water sample or filter material test in accordance with official
requirements (water regulations) must be performed regularly by the
operator of the water treatment system.

If replacements are required, only original “ViaSorp” filter material
by BG-Graspointner can be used. This must be handled and inserted
according to current installation instructions.

The removed filter material must be disposed of by a specialized
company – e.g. sewer cleaning service – in accordance with applicable
legal guidelines.