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Installation Guidelines FILCOTEN yard gully

General guidelines

The following installation guidelines and examples are designed to use for an accepted standard. The installation location according to EN 124 has to be adapted to the location conditions from the planner. Consider the common known technical rules and guidelines which are accepted among experts. In special cases contact the BG - application engineers.


Installation instruction FILCOTEN yard gully

  1. FILCOTEN® yard gully are set up in a concrete-bedding according to Ö-Norm B4710-1 or in drainageconcrete according to RVS 08.18.01. With cured concrete floors a mortar bed of at least 2 cm is necessary. A lateral support wedge is required.

  2. All adjacent surfaces should be permanently 3-5mm higher than the surface of the yard gully to avoid mechanical damage (e.g. snow clearing) and to guarantee the water drainage.

  3. Take note of the different heights of yard gullys (with or without ductile iron frame) and start setting with the preparation of the pipe´s for the outlet.

  4. After placing the yard gully in it´s correct position backfill and compact evenly.

  5. Before assembling the adjacent cover layer make sure that the cover is inserted. Pay attention not to damage the gully while compacting the superstructure and the pavement (asphalt, pavement, concrete).

  6. occurring shear forces pavement must be positively connected to the support wedge. This can be done by offsetting the first three pavement rows (at the yard gully) in a mortar bed. The joints have to be mineral
    backfilled. Push forces from the pavement must not act directly on the channel walls (eg thermal expansion, braking forces, ...