Installation Guidelines BG-TE

Installation guidelines
BG-TE terrace slot channels

General instructions

The following installation guidelines and installation details are designed for standard applications and have to be matched to the local requirements by the planning body.

  1. BG-TE Terrace slot channels are designed to ensure swift and controlled discharge of water from terraces. The channels are suitable for low installation heights of 80mm. Channels with variable height can be levelled according to the slope of the terrace substructure.

  2. The BG-TE terrace slot channel are generally installed on a waterproofing membrane (or insulation) or a concrete floor. They are fixed in their position with drainage concrete or glue.

  3. Additionally to the channel elements inside and outside corner pieces can be used. When perforated channels are in use a branch canal facilitates the water-flow from the channel to the gully. When non perforated channels are used the channels can be directly connected to the drainpipe.

  4. The joints between the channel elements can be sealed with suitable sealants. Alternatively the joints can be taped.

  5. After installing the channels we recommend the usage of construction time barriers to prevent the channel from dirt and damage.

  6. All adjacent surfaces should be permanently 3-5mm higher than the surface of the channel to avoid mechanical damage and to guarantee the water drainage.