FILCOTEN green - The technology behind it


  1. Pre-filter fleece for efficient preclearing.

    • Pre-filter fleece keeps out coarse dirt, protecting the high-quality technical filter material
    • very easy to install, maintain and replace

  2. Powerful integrated technical filter.

    • diverse applications: Thanks to a tested surface ratio of 1:250 and origin classes A, B and C (in accordance with Austrian standard B2506-3), the filter is suitable for paved surfaces as well as zinc and copper roofs
    • excellent efficiency as well as high and lasting cleaning performance
  1. Innovative cleaning filter material.

    • filter substrate in optimized quantity type ViaSorp (300 mm height)
    • highest cleaning performance class
    • in accordance with ÖWAV RB45 and tested according to Austrian standard B2506-3
    • homogeneous material, no segregation during use
    • no risk of remobilizing heavy metals due to surface water with dissolved de-icing salts

  2. Trapezoid-shaped perforated sheet metal made from stainless steel.

    • separates the filter substrate zone from the drainage area, keeping the transverse drainage section permanently clear
    • optimized perforated surface for maximum drain of water

  3. integrated Control & water sampling shaft.

    • control/ water abstraction shaft for visual control and sampling
    • easiest handling: remove grating, open cover and draw a purified water sample
    • purified water can be collected and tested as to its components – in accordance with ÖWAV RB45 and Austrian standard B2506

  4. Innovative overflow DN150 for efficient heavy rain drainage.

    • effective protection even in most extreme rainfall
    • cleaning of polluted first flush via the technical filter
    • unpolluted excess water can drain out through the overflow pipe in a controlled way
    • ATTENTION: Approval of the authority must be given for this device.