Installation Guidelines FILCOTEN point drainage

General Guidelines

Our installation suggestions and examples are commonly accepted proposals. Any out of the ordinary styles of construction due to local circumstances, must be authorised by the planning body. The basic technical rules and guidelines generally accepted among experts should be taken into consideration during installation.


  1. The load class in the various local laying situations  must be taken into consideration.

  2. The laying of the FILCOTEN point drainage must be done on a supporting foundation in accordance with local requirements. With cured concrete foundations, it is absolutely necessary that there is a bed of mortar of at least 2 cm. Any unevenness between the components has to be compensated for, with a suitable cement mortar.

    It is essential, that the proper tools be used when laying the drain elements (e.g. BG installation tools)

  3. To guarantee a high-quality insulation, it is essential to ensure equal grouting, allowing the concrete to infiltrate also under the drains. (avoid one sided grouting.)

  4. Pay attention to the fact, that the grates must be inserted prior to the construction of the adjoining floor surface. (For Example during the usage of a pile-driver) and to rule out any mechanical damage, make sure that they do not come into contact with the channels.

  5. The entire length of all adjacent concrete surfaces should be approximately 3-5 mm higher than the surface of the grates.