Operational areas

The BG railway construction regulating components can be used everywhere, where cable conduits and the laying of cables is in progress. The prefabricated concrete units enable a dry and clean cable installation alongside tracks as well as in the area of stations or undergrounds. Owing to the many different components supplied by the BG complete solution, a flexible laying of cables is guaranteed.

The BG complete solution, also includes the unique Flextrog cable shafts, cable conduits, cable conduit eduction, concrete troughs for cable sockets or couplings  and instant access maintenance manholes.


BG Cable conduits (Cover either inset or flush) are mainly used in the areas of railway stations and alongside the tracks, where they are used for supplying all the electronic facilities, Telecom wiring, signal and power supply . The massive coverings of the BG cable conduits are also suitable for use on bordering paths.

With Flextrog (Cover either inset or flush), obstacles along the route or in stations can be easily avoided without the additional complex work of cutting parts to fit.  

The BG Cable shafts (available in 5 Standard sizes) are especially suitable for manholes housing cable joins, junctions and cable crossings as well as for the crossing of two cable canals. Excess lengths can also be stored in the cable shafts, which makes them accessible at all times. BG Cable shafts also make it possible to compensate level differences.

The BG Facility manholes (available in 2 Standard sizes), are mainly employed in the area of railway platforms, where they are used for accommodating the power supply for lighting, public address systems and clocks etc., or as a blind shaft for small pipe-lines.

BG cable conduit eductors (available in 5 sizes respectively designs) serve as a connecting element between the cable conduit and the cable shaft, and compensate the level between the cable conduit and the cable shaft.

BG concrete trough for cable sockets or couplings ( available in 3 standard sizes) are installed parallel to the cable conduits and contain the coupling parts / linkage or the cable circuits. This means that the junctions between cables are easily accessible for repairs at all times.

Our BG Cable conduit troughs (available in 2 standard sizes), act as cross connection links for cable harnesses, and allow a trouble free working situation for maintenance, respectively: work on fuses and easy installation of signal boxes.


With such an efficient system, a completely coordinated railway line can be linked up in a minimum of time.