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BG facade- and roof steel drainage system

Flexibility for all and any requirements

Steel stands for durability. BG-Graspointner stands for high-quality workmanship. The ideal combination for your drainage situation.
In all the locations where there is only a minimum of installation height at your disposal but a maximum drainage performance is required; The BG Drainage Programme with its galvanized steel or stainless steel drains comes into play.
Grilles, footbridge gratings and grates as well as longitudinal and lateral bar grills, offer architects and planners a wide range of optical design possibilities

FILCOTEN slot tops

FILCOTEN slot tops are particularly suited to applications in architectonically demanding areas where drainage and appearance play an equally important role. Due to the narrow slot width, they are ideally suited to dividing different areas and, when installed appropriately, have a load-bearing capacity of up to Cl. D 400 kN.

BG-FA facade channels

The BG-FA facade channels with their numerous cover possibilities have been developed especially for flat roofs, terraces and facades. To compensate for height differences and gradients of the fundaments, BG Graspointner also offers steel gutters with an adjustable height system.

BG-TE terrace slot channel

The BG-TE terrace slot channel is mainly used for drainage of terraces and gardens. The perforated version of this channel enables drainage on two levels - the floor covering and the underlying base plate.

BG-TM terrace channel

The BG-TM terrace channel is used for drainage of paved surfaces on terraces and balconies. It offers a discreet and elegant look with a width of 60 mm. The channels are installed directly with the slabs and no separate substructure is required.


The ability to withstand heavy loads without a cover and, at the same time, ensure reliable and long-lasting drainage performance, makes the BG-OMEGA slotted channel to a simple, economical solution for your indoor drainage.
Thanks to the “V”-shaped channel bottom, liquids can be drained off safely and
effi ciently. An odour trap is integrated in the outlet elements as standard.


The BG-SIGMA drainage channels are made from 1.4301 or higher quality stainless steel and are used to conduct water from the floor area into a waste water collecting system. The specially developed fl ange connector ensures absolutely leak-proof laying of the channel run.
This high-quality and individual drainage system can be adapted to suit your needs. Practically any height, width and load capacity are possible. Stainless steel mesh gratings up to class C 250 are available as covers.

Special solution

Our technicians will be more than pleased to plan and develop special construction components or find individual solutions for you. We produce according to your requirements, and are ready at the building sight with all our know how at your