BG SIGMA Grid unit system

Grid unit system

The BG-SIGMA drainage channels are made from 1.4301 or
higher quality stainless steel and are used to conduct water from
the fl oor area into a waste water collecting system. The specially
developed fl ange connector ensures absolutely leak-proof laying of
the channel run.

This high-quality and individual drainage system can be adapted
to suit your needs. Practically any height, width and load capacity
are possible. Stainless steel mesh gratings up to class C 250 are
available as covers.


Areas of application:

  • car parks
  • parking areas
  • food processing sites
  • chemical plants
  • breweries
  • dairies
  • supermarkets
  • catering
  • hospitals


BG-SIGMA grid unit, nominal width 150 - STAINLESS STEEL V2A

BG-SIGMA without slope - material thickness: 1,5 mmLength in mmHeight in mmWeight in kg/part
BG-SIGMA grid unit with flange, nominal width 150, without slope, standard length: 4000 mm / visible width: 208 mm / nominal width: 150 mm internal height: 70 mm / incl mesh grating stainless steel 1 4301 (V2A)40009529

BG-SIGMA outlet elements

Sump pit frameMaterialHeight in mmWeight in kg/part
BG-SIGMA sump pit frame - end piecestainless steel V2A1005,3
BG-SIGMA sump pit frame - corner or connecting piecestainless steel V2A1005,5
BG-SIGMA sump pit frame - T-elementstainless steel V2A1005,7
BG-SIGMA sump pit frame - cross elementstainless steel V2A1005,8
Sump pit basinMaterialHeight in mmWeight in kg/part
BG-SIGMA sump pit basin - end piecestainless steel V2A48213,3
BG-SIGMA sump pit basin - corner or connecting piecestainless steel V2A48213,4
BG-SIGMA sump pit basin - T-elementstainless steel V2A48213,6
BG-SIGMA sump pit basin - cross elementstainless steel V2A48213,8
Gratings for sump pitsLoad classHeight in mmWeight in kg/part
Mesh grating 397/397/30, MW 30/10B 125 kN307,0
Mesh grating 397/397/30, MW 30/30B 125 kN305,0
Mesh grating 397/397/30, MW 30/10C 250 kN307,8
Mesh grating 397/397/30, MW 30/30C 250 kN306,0


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