BG sealant kit

BG sealant IK - standard
          - for general application - e.g. parking spaces, open spaces, car parks.

BG sealing mass IK - spezial
          - for critical high risk applications - e.g. garages, petrol stations and for 
            steel channels.


Description of materials

Permanently elastic one-component polymer sealing compound

- Setting time 24 h / 2 - 3 mm
- Temperature resistance - 40 Grad C bis + 70 Grad C
- Processing temperature + 5 Grad C bis + 40 Grad C

One component  Primer
- Processing temperature + 5 Grad C bis + 40 Grad C 


Processing guidelines

In General:

Owing to the danger of soiling the safety seams during the construction period , it is advisable to do the sealing immediately after the drainage channels have been laid. The safety seams must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease.


1. Grinding

Building components in the area of joints should be ground with an abrasive material.

2. Cleaning

Clean all building components in the area of joints with a cleansing agent.

3. Application of the primer with the use of a brush.

The primer has to be completely dry before any further processing.
CAUTION  The primer needs an evaporation period of at least 30 Minuten or a maximum of 6 hours.

4. Gluing and sealing.

Gluing and sealing: When laying the channels, each channel has to be glued to the coupling sleeve, the joint is then sealed after the grout has been introduced.