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On the right track: Railway construction with a system

The comprehensive system for railway construction

BG-Graspointner offers a well welldevised, comprehensive solution with regulating components for use in railway construction:

Common Rail, being the best example of combined tracks for cable conduits. With the BG cable trough, the installation has become both quicker and more economic. As simple as a puzzle! As efficient as a cogwheel. Developed in accordance with the specifications of the Austrian Federal Railway.

Not only have various types of cable conduits been produced for the construction of railway tracks, but also any other prefabricated assembly units which are required, can be produced and delivered by BG-Graspointner. This means that our customers have only one contact person responsible for all the deliveries required on the building site. 

Operational areas

Everywhere, where cable conduits and cables are in the process of being laid alongside railway tracks and in the area of railway stations.
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Use and advantages

Because the complete solution has been developed in consultation with the Austrian Federal Railways, all the prefabricated parts fit their specifications.
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