Technical data:

SystemBG-TM E RB 60
length1000 mm
overall width60 mm
nominal widthCW 60 mm
slopewithout slope
overall heightchannel 30 mm
weight without grating
channel ca. 2.05 kg
channel ca. 2.13 kg

BG-TM terrace channel

Advantages of the new mini channel for terraces:

  • Material thickness: channel body 0,75 mm / cover 1,50 mm
  • Discreet and elegant appearance with a width of 60mm
  • Channels are installed directly with the slabs and
    no separate substructure is required
  • Channel covers are supplied with a protective foil
    to prevent damage during construction
  • Given the easy installation the product is suitable for DIY

For drainage of paved surfaces on terraces and balconies.


BG-TM terrace channel, channels diameter 60 – STAINLESS STEEL

BG-TM Terrassenrinne E, RB 60, H 30, L 1000mm, EDELSTAHL, 1.430121106301
BG-TM Terrassenrinne Ablaufteil E, RB 60, H 30, L 1000mm, Ablauf DN 50, EDELSTAHL 1.430121106302

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