Advantages and uses

  • The most obvious advantage of the prefabricated parts is the time saving aspect when constructing a cable conduit. Because of the perfect synchronisation between the individual components, the costly labour of shuttering and concreting as well as cutting to size and the adjustment of  prefabricated parts, becomes a thing of the past. The duration of track closure is down to a minimum.  

  • Owing to the development together with the Austrian Federal Railway of the complete system, all the prefabricated components fit their specifications. With our cable trough with predetermined cuts, all potential obstacles can be easily avoided by means of the appropriate ideal radius with 30, 60, or 90 degrees. Safe and easy laying of the special cables is insured.

  • Prefabricated shafts, cable shaft covers, and precast cable fairleads can be installed ex works, according to your requirements. 

  • Because of the systems precision in its entirety, it is absolutely shunting proof and a homogeneous optical effect is insured. The prevention of intrusion by unwanted pests, for example vermin, means a longer functional life for the cables.  

  • Special installation tools have been developed especially for the Installation of the prefabricated compounds, which can either be bought or rented out from BG Graspointner. The risk of accident has been minimised by the perfect holding device and installation has been speeded up.

  • After installation, access is possible to any desired spot of the cable conduit, enabling repairs to be made quickly and easily.

  • Because of the fixed prices of prefabricated compounds, you can draw up an exact calculation yourself.