Reference projects BG-FA facade channels

Façade channels are suited to all types of drainage. Optimal for glass façades, entrance portals and flat roofs. Many buildings which are accessible to the public and architectonically sophisticated have already been fitted with BG-FA façade channels due to their attractive appearance and perfect functionality. Planners of universities, conference buildings, technology centres, shopping centres and top-class hotels value the flexible designs and variable cover variants. The ultra-modern façade channels are also an artistic feature.


Seniors' residence Seekirchen

Seekirchen (Austria)

Berger Bernd Garten & Pflasterbau

starting up:
spring 2008

50 metres BG-FA facade channels RB 130 galvanized,
55 mm fix hight
incl. mesh grating MW 30/10

50 metres BG-FA facade channels RB 130 galvanized,
91-150 mm variable hight
incl. mesh grating MW 30/10

also note:
27 metres BGZ-S heavy duty channel SV, NW 200
17 metres BGZ-S heavy duty channel SV, NW 100


Mozarteum Salzburg

External and park areas 
Thanks to the general renovation accomplished in accordance with the latest insights into modern university construction, the Neue Mozarteum has become a young, creative and high-quality cultural site in Salzburg.

The drainage channels had to be adapted to the heritage-protected rendered facades of the historic building.

In order to fulfil these exacting requirements, height-adjustable BF-FA façade channels were installed at all outdoor sites. These channels prevent damage to the building caused by waterlogging and ensure a high drainage cross-section at minimal installation height. 

installed products:
BG-FA facade slot channel, 40 metres

BG-FA facade channel - stainless steel with fix hight 80 mm,
channel width 130, cross bar grating,
150 metres

BG-FA facade channel - stainless steel with variable hight,
channel width 130, cross bar grating,
50 metres