FILCOTEN is the production technology for tomorrow‘s concrete products

In an innovative production process, a fibre-reinforced composite is produced by the mixing and processing of fibres, cement and aggregates. This special procedure enables the manufacture of highly stable, thin-walled and light components.


The material matrix of a highly dosed fibre proportion in combination with concrete opens up completely new perspectives. These options cannot be realised with the classic building material concrete until now. The fibre proportion of FILCOTEN is up to 20 times greater than that of only fibre-modified concretes. Thus the fibres act as a microreinforcement which has a positive effect to the pressure and tensile zones of component. Even when wall thickness is slight, FILCOTEN attains high compressive and bending tensile strengths in this way.


The special fibres embedded into the concrete give the building material FILCOTEN properties which are significantly different from those of normal concrete:

  • shrinkage cracks can be prevented during the setting of the FILCOTEN compound
  • the tensile strength can be increased
  • with the increase in tensile strength the compressive strength also increases
  • in case of breakage material is still stable to stay in shape
  • the component can be stressed on bending

The FILCOTEN compound which consists of mineral building materials is completely recycleable. No plastics are used in FILCOTEN.
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