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BG concrete channels

Essential but almost invisible

Drainage systems play a very valuable role in infrastructure building OR the building of road and rail networks, where they are exposed to exceptionally heavy loads and have to fulfil their function as inconspicuously as possible. Drainage takes place everywhere, where water has to be drained off in a controlled and safe manner

Owing to many years of experience the Concrete Prefabrication Factory BG-Graspointner is unique in Austria, and is the only producer who has developed an innovative, excellently coordinated, international competitive cement drainage system.

Standard solutions, as well as individual articles developed specifically to suit the customer’s requirements, contribute effective solutions for numerous drainage situations



Point drainage or drainage channels?

Fundamentally, drainage can be put into two categories. Point Drainage and drainage channel systems.

Point drainage
With one point drainage, the surface water is diverted to a centralized spot in the area from whence it is drained off. This means that it is necessary that the surface be on a gradient.
Get more informations about BG point drainage here

Drainage channel systems
A drainage channel system has the advantage of maintaining a level surface which is easier to drive across and is generally cheaper to build.

Besides this, the drainage channel system is most suitable for separating different surface features such as pavements from asphalted thoroughfares. Apart from this, the many different choices of covers can create an attractive optical factor.

BGF shallow channels
A concrete channel with a low overall height and safety joint at the face side. Especially suitable for the installation in flooring constructions.  Because of the special coverage construction, no concrete edges are visible.

BGF-Z shallow channels  with  edges set in concrete
The BGF-Z shallow channels with edges embedded in concrete and a quick-locking system, are suitable for underground parking garages, workshops and areas with similar surfaces.

BGU universal channels
The BGU universal channel is used by the 'Do it yourself'-worker as well as the professional, and withstands a weight of up to 125 kN.  The drains are covered with a grid which makes possible the use of different connecting materials such as concrete paving stones.

BGU-Z universal channels with edges set in concrete
As they are able to withstand a weight of up to 600 kN., these drains are ideal for domestic use, such as house and garage driveways. They are also very effective in public areas such as pedestrian zones or parking lots, and highways subject to heavy traffic.

BG standard channels
The inset gratings of the BG standard channel, can be joined together with an ingenious patented clamp. This high quality massive concrete compound is ideal for driveways, warehouses and parking lots.

BGZ-S heavy duty channels
A massive concrete structure which is additionally reinforced by a cast iron edge in z-shape. This drainage channel is for use in areas subject to heavy traffic, such as on arterial roads, not to mention haulage firm grounds where they are most frequently put into use.

Extra Heavy Duty - BG safety channels
This safety channel, which is a unique product throughout the whole of Europe,  guarantees maximum safety of the highest standard that any customer may specify.

BG slot channels
Developed as a boundary between the taxiway, the runway and adjoining airport grounds on international airports. This massive coverless drain withstands tremendous weight and guarantees safe take-offs and landings without aquaplaning.

BG track channel
The BG track drainage system was especially designed for the needs of rural and forestry areas. It provides drainage for rural tracks, forestry and transport roads. Available with cast iron or wood grids and gratings.

BG sealant kit
The BG joint sealant system helps to seal all our draining systems in conventional areas of use, as well as networks where dangerous elements are being transported. Exact guidelines enable a perfect installation procedure.