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Technical data:

SystemBGU-Z FA 100
length1000 mm
overall width163 mm
nominal width100 mm
slopewithout slope
overall heightchannel 215 mm
weight without grating
channel ca. 39.45 kg
channel ca. 39.45 kg

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mesh grating B 125 kN
ductile iron grating C 250 kN
mesh grating C 250 kN
ductile iron grating D 400 kN
mesh grating D 400 kN
ductile iron main bar grating E 600 kN

BGU-Z facade channels

Channel with galvanized steel edges

The BGU-Z facade channel is produced with different levels of channel walls and laid directly on the facade. The advantage for continuous glas facades is, that in view of the building only glas can be seen. The annoying window frames disappear behind the channel element (top edge channel = top edge window frame).
Another benefit is that both the adjacent pavement surface and the accumulating facade runoff can be drained with a channel system.



gratingmaterialmeasurementloading class
ref. no.
mesh gratinggalvanized steel1000/147B 125 kNMW 30/103.9117022156
mesh gratinggalvanized steel500/147B 125 kNMW 30/102117022157
ductile iron gratingcast iron500/147C 250 kNSW 16/1203.958522050
mesh gratinggalvanized steel1000/147C 250 kNMW 30/104.1117022152
mesh gratinggalvanized steel500/147C 250 kNMW 30/102.2117022153
ductile iron gratingcast iron500/147D 400 kNSW 18/120458523102
mesh gratinggalvanized steel1000/147D 400 kNMW 30/106.36117023250
mesh gratinggalvanized steel500/147D 400 kNMW 30/103.27117023251
ductile iron main bar gratingcast iron500/147E 600 kNMW 27/134.352022756

Attention: per meter channel you need 2 pieces of special  profiles. These can be found on the Accessories page.