Technical data:

SystemCable conduits
length1000 mm
width170 mm - 860 mm
height140 mm - 290 mm
inlay or overlay cover
weight29 kg - 137 kg

Cable trough

Inlay or overlay Cover

For use in the areas of railway stations and alongside the tracks, for supplying all the electronic facilities, signal and power supply as well as Telecom wiring, The massive covers are also suitable for use as bordering paths.


Cable trough

ref. no.
cable trough size 1, for overlying cover,10002802157241001
cable trough size 2, for overlying cover,10003802158441002
cable trough size 3, for overlying cover,10004802159741003
cable trough size 4, for overlying cover,100060021511641004
cable trough size 5, for overlying cover,100070021513441005
BG-TK I cable trough10001701402941035
BG-TK 2 cable trough 1000x213x17510002131753841040
cable trough size 1, for inside cover,100041029013741006
cable trough size 2, for inside cover,100051029015341007
cable trough size 3, for inside cover,100061029016941008
cable trough size 4, for inside cover,100074029018841009
cable trough size 5, for inside cover,100086029021041010


descriptionref. no.
cable trough cover size 3, 500/500/65, lattice-truss reinforced41020
cable trough cover size 4, 500/630/65, lattice-truss reinforced41021
cable trough cover size 5, 500/750/65, lattice-truss reinforced41022
fire prevention cover fibre reinforced for cable trough KKv 5, 500/750/65 20,41095
BG-TK I cable trough cover 500x170x3541036
BG-TK 2 cable trough cover 500x210x40 (TK-2, FCT cable trough size 1)41041


descriptionref. no.
separating slab, 495/15041024