Advantages of FILCOTEN

Tested and recommended by the IBR

The goal of the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim is to identify healthy living and eco-friendly building products for the consumer with the seal of approval "APPROVED AND RECOMMENDED BY THE IBR".

The seal is awarded only to products that fulfill all the building biology living standards and proctect the enviroment at the same time.

Based on the excellent test results, the Seal of Approval is awarded to our FILCOTEN® drainage channels. 
IBR Certificate of Award


FILCOTEN technology ensures many advantages due to:

  1. Lower component weight thanks to innovative production technology, thus lower transportation costs and quicker installation.
  2. Conserves resources and sustainable in material and production.
  3. More environmentally friendly due to the use of purely mineral raw materials – fully recyclable.
  4. High compressive and bending tensile strength due to innovative fibre-reinforced composite.
  5. Highly improved impact strength for safe handling and installation.
  6. Smooth internal surfaces of the body of the channel guarantee the best flow properties.
  7. Rough external surfaces of the channel wall ensure a good connection with the encasing concrete.
  8. Recesses on the outside of the channel guarantee secure holding in the concrete foundation.