BG sealant kit

For detailed determination of requirements we recommend our excel file:

Download quantity determination for the BG-sealing system as Excel chart


BG Standard  sealing compound

- for conventional fields of use, e.g. car parks.

BG Special sealing compound
- for use where hazardous goods are underway e.g. garages / petrol stations.


Description of materials

Permanently elastic one-component polymer sealing compound

- Setting time 24 h / 2 - 3 mm
- Temperature resistance - 40 Grad C bis + 70 Grad
- Processing temperature + 5 Grad C bis + 40 Grad C

One component  Primer
- Processing temperature + 5 Grad C bis + 40 Grad C 


Processing guide lines

In general:

Because of the danger of soiling the safety fold during the construction period, it is recommended that the drainage channels be sealed immediately after they have been laid. It is imperative that the safety folds are clean, dry and free of dust and grease.


1. Cleaning the joints

Blowing out with use of a compressor or hand operated pump. The safety joint must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

2. Insertion of the jointing band (Width 8 mm)*

To ensure that the sealing mass only contacts the concrete on the two sides required.

*Due to the optimized safety joint, FILCOTEN light and tec channels don't need a jointing band.


3. Insertion of the PRIMER with use of a brush.

The primer must be dried before continuation of processing

WARNING: The primer has a flash off time of at the least 30 minutes, and at the most  6 hours.


4. Insertion of the permanently elastic sealing compound

with a special cartridge injector, 450 ml - 600 ml .

The sealing compound can be smoothed on (strike) with the appropriate spatula.